Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Acquainted

There are so many new terms to learn in a foreign country
For example:
now now means later
just now means much later
keen means okay
hectic means cool
college means elementary, middle and high school
varisty means university

Today started week two at Kingswood College
The staff and stooges had a relay race. I got signed up while away at camp with grade 7 so luckily I went to church and saw some of the teachers who told me to bring a swim suit (which they call costume). But I did pretty well so it's all good. This week I mainly observe the classes and get my schedule of teaching figured out!
I posted picutes on facebook so here is the link

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  1. hi alex!!
    wow this all sounds so hectic:)

    love your blog!!!

    have fun!!

    praying for you!