Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am amazed at how respected teachers are at Kingswood. Whenever a teacher walks into the classroom, all students must stand and greet the teacher. When I am walking to and from school, all the students greet me with a "Hello Mam." If the boys are wearing hats, they take them off to say hello in my presence. It is amazing at how mannered these children are. Teachers are often not respected the way they ought to be so it feels good to be greeted and treated with great respect.

The students are so polished at the school too. All students wear uniforms. Girls must have their hair pulled up and can wear only black, white or red headbands. Boys were socks up their calves and collared shirts. It is so British!

My next goal is to get a picture with the class so you can see how cute they look in their uniforms!

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