Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't be dodgy

New terms I learned this week:
dodgy meaning creepy/sketchy
sho sho meaning hot
mark meaning grade... I learned this term the funny way. I was collecting an assignment from my 5th grade math class and asked my teacher if he would like me to grade it. He looked at me funny and said, "Grade it?" and I was responded, "Yeah, like check if it's right or wrong." He then laughed and said "oh you mean mark it."

I started my teaching this week and I learned a lot. I taught exponents and rooting to grade 7. I had to refresh my memory of some it and I found that it is hard to explain without using a lot of examples. I taught place value and number value to grade 5. I really liked the lessons I did because they were hands on and interactive. I used money to teach tenths and hundredths. I brought some pennies I still had from the U.S. and let some students keep them. They thought they were sooooo lucky to have American money. I told them unfortunately you can't buy anything with just a penny.

Next week my mentor goes out of town so I have full responsibility for his class! I am really excited to get the full experience! I also get observed by my COST supervisor on Monday. I will teaching a lesson on introducing fractions. I am going to bring in candy to let teh students discover how to explain parts of a whole using candy fractions.

This weekend, my crew (which is how people who know myself and the 2 other COST students refer to us) and I are going to East London. We are staying in a hostel Saturday called the Sugarshack. It only cost $12 per night! East London is known for having teh 2nd best surfing beach and amazing sand dunes. For $10 you can sand board and learn how to surf! I love the exchange rate because it makes things so cheap! From what people have told me, when you sand board you take 15 mintutes to hike up the huge sand dune only to enjoy a 5 second ride down. I am looking forward to a surfing lesson! I have never surfed before so it should be interesting! Of course I will post many pictures to my facebook!


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  1. oh your lessons sound amazing!! as a former teacher i can tell you hands on learning is a hit!! :)
    how fun about the sand dunes!!
    cant wait to see those pics!