Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kwantu Elephant Sanctuary

Today was an amazing weekend so far!

Last night, we picked up the rental car. It was quite entertaining to drive on the left side of the road. Auburn is the only one who can drive a manual, so Diana and I help make sure she stays on the left side.

We left at 8am to drive to the Kwanta Elephant Sanctuary. It opened only 7 months ago so they are still building parts of it. They have four female elephants that they rescued from being killed. Diana, Auburn and I got to ride the elephants for 30 minutes around the reserve. We rode with a guide that we held on very tight to! After we rode the elephants, we got to feed and interact with them. Of course the elephants know how to kick a soccer ball! We took TONS of pictures!

After we left the reserve around noon, we drove to the Kenton on the Sea. We got lunch then laid by the ocean. It is still surreal to think that we are swimming in the Indian Ocean!

In two weekends we are going to Port Elizabeth for 5 days. While we are there we are going to meet up with some other COST students living there!

Next week I start teaching so I have A LOT of work to do tomorrow!

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